Compared with a conventional steel suspension, the AIRMATIC air suspension provides advantages in terms of ride comfort and handling safety. From sporty to comfortable – the AIRMATIC air suspension with ADS II adaptive damping system operates fully automatically.

The electronics work with four different damping levels (ADS II) which automatically adjust the damping force on each wheel according to the current requirements and the state of the road.

The integrated all-round level control system ensures a virtually constant level of ground clearance for added stability, even when the vehicle is carrying a full load. At speeds above approx. 120 km/h, the vehicle level is automatically lowered by approx. 10 mm to reduce drag. At 160 km/h it is lowered by a further 10 mm. At speeds below approx. 70 km/h ,the vehicle is raised to its normal level (driving level) again. This also helps to reduce drag.
On poor stretches of road you can raise the vehicle level manually by approx. 30 mm. The system will automatically return the vehicle to its normal ride height after it has travelled for some time at approx. 80 km/h or if it exceeds around 120 km/h.

Air suspension.

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