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PRE-SAFE® PLUS is an extension of the familiar PRE-SAFE® occupant protection system and also takes into account hazardous situations which can be caused by traffic following behind, such as a rear-end collision for example.

A radar sensor in the rear bumper monitors the traffic behind your car and detects the risk of a rear-end collision. First the vehicle following behind receives a visual warning. Subsequently, PRE-SAFE® occupant protection measures are deployed, and immediately before the impact the vehicle itself is firmly braked.

Protects before and during
a rear-end collision.

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Many accidents can be avoided through timely warnings. This is why in an impending rear-end collision, PRE-SAFE® PLUS gives a clear signal: prior to an imminent collision, the rear hazard warning lights are activated at a higher frequency than normal, thereby attracting the attention of the drivers of the vehicles following behind by flashing at an increased frequency.


In the event of a sustained risk of collision, PRE-SAFE® protective measures are activated for the occupants of your vehicle – including automatic belt tensioning.


If your car is stationary during the hazardous situation, it is kept "firmly braked" immediately before the impact, thereby minimising the forward jolt and significantly reducing the risk of whiplash injuries for the occupants.


Firmly applying your car's brakes can also prevent secondary accidents, for example with the vehicle in front of you, with crossing traffic at junctions, or also with pedestrians who may have been crossing the road in front of you.


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