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MULTIBEAM LED (from 2016)


Thanks to the 84 high-performance LEDs per headlamp, the further developed MULTIBEAM LED with Adaptive Highbeam Assist Plus can adapt the driving light optimally to the respective traffic situation and weather conditions. For more safety in the dark and in adverse conditions.

The individual electronically controlled LEDs position the light exactly where it is needed – without dazzling other road users. The result is brighter and more precise illumination with best possible visibility.


More LEDs for more precise illumination.



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MULTIBEAM LED uses a total of four control units to calculate the ideal light pattern 100 times a second. For this purpose, the system uses the information provided by a camera located behind the windscreen.

If the main beam is activated, Adaptive Highbeam Assist Plus automatically provides the best possible headlamp range for the headlamps. When there are oncoming vehicles or vehicles lit up in front, the LEDs of the main beam module are partially switched off in order to avoid dazzling other road users. The remaining areas of the roadway continue to be illuminated with the main beam (partial main beam). The driver can thus concentrate on the traffic without having to raise and dip the headlamps.

When the system detects motorway conditions, an optimised main beam pattern is selected accordingly. The motorway main beam reduces the risk of dazzling oncoming trucks and focuses the truck driver's attention on their own lane.

For the first time, all functions in dipped and main beam mode can be depicted entirely digitally and without mechanical actuators. The active light function, too, which provides better illumination of the roadway in the steering direction, is implemented entirely electronically – a world first.

In combination with COMAND Online and an integrated camera on the windscreen, anticipatory cornering detection is possible: in this case, the active light function illuminates the bend before the steering wheel is turned and prior to leaving the bend again. This allows hazards to be detected even earlier.

The cornering light with roundabout function (only in conjunction with COMAND Online) is fed information from the navigation system about the position of roundabouts on the route and serves to provide wider illumination of the roadway before the vehicle enters the roundabout.

The city light provides the driver with a particularly wide distribution of light when driving at low speeds and within illuminated built-up areas, thus ensuring that even poorly visible pavements and danger zones are well lit up.

In rainy conditions, the poor-weather light reduces reflections on the opposite side of the road by specifically dimming individual LEDs; it thus contributes actively to avoiding indirect dazzling of oncoming traffic.

Further functions of MULTIBEAM LED are the country road mode, cornering light and enhanced fog light function.

When the vehicle is unlocked, the driver is greeted by the welcome light which features an unusual light display. Initially the headlamps flash yellow, then a blue LED is activated to highlight the "Mercedes-Benz" lettering, after which this transforms into the white locator lighting.

The MULTIBEAM LED technology is part of Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive and ensures the ideal light for every driving situation – without dazzling other road users.


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