LINGUATRONIC understands normally spoken words even when high levels of driving noise apply and enables the reliable operation of telephone, radio and navigation functions.

Reliable voice control.



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LINGUATRONIC now enables convenient operation of the most important functions – navigation, music and telephony – by voice input.


The highlight of the latest generation of LINGUATRONIC is so-called whole-word voice input. This means that the driver is no longer required to spell out his wishes, instead stating what he wants in simple terms when it comes to specifying a destination, choosing a radio station or calling up a name from the stored phone book.


Voice control is activated at the touch of a button: LINGUATRONIC is switched on and off simply by pressing the "Push to talk" button (or the corresponding lever on some models) on the steering wheel.


LINGUATRONIC also features a teleprompter which supports most telephone, radio and navigation functions in voice control mode.



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