THERMATIC automatic climate control

This 2-zone automatic climate control system enables separate climate control for the left- and right-hand sides of the interior and is extremely user-friendly.

2-zone THERMATIC automatic climate control incorporates a diverse range of control options to enhance user-friendliness and the interior climate.

The desired interior temperature is selected via rotary switches which enable separate control of the left- and right-hand side of the interior as two distinct zones. The air is automatically cooled or heated according to the preset temperature and the desired air distribution. A combination filter (dust and activated charcoal) additionally filters the fresh air, improving the interior air quality.

Automatic mode: after activating the "AUTO" button on the control unit, the air flow is controlled automatically by means of corresponding blower levels and automatic air distribution.

Air-recirculation mode: when air-recirculation mode is activated, no air is drawn in from outside. In order to prevent the windows from misting up, air-recirculation mode is deactivated automatically according to the interior temperature and the setting of the THERMATIC automatic climate control system. Depending on the vehicle's range of equipment, the air-recirculation button can be pressed and held to close the side windows and the sliding roof (tunnel function).

With 2 climate zones.

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