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An accident can have fatal consequences for those involved and needs to be avoided at all costs. The latest version of PRE-SAFE® Brake is even able to recognise pedestrians. At speeds of up to 50 km/h, it can help to avoid a collision with a pedestrian.

The system can also avoid rear-end collisions with other vehicles up to this speed. Even if you are driving faster than this, the system remains active and will mitigate the consequences of an accident as far as possible.

Can prevent accidents involving injury to persons.



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The function of PRE-SAFE® Brake has been extended to include pedestrian recognition, thus ensuring the protection of a variety of road users: the occupants of your car, the drivers and passengers of other vehicles and now also pedestrians.


A stereo camera and a system comprising long, medium and short-range radars monitor the area in front of your vehicle and are able to recognise people in the relevant corridor ahead of your vehicle, together with their movement patterns. If there is a risk of a collision, the system will warn you with visual and acoustic alerts.


However, if you do not react to these preliminary warnings, PRE-SAFE® Brake is also able to act autonomously to brake your vehicle. If the danger is immediate, allowing no scope for delay, the automatic braking will be triggered at the same time as the warning. This makes it possible to avoid collisions with pedestrians even up to speeds over 50 km/h.

If the driver's braking action exceeds a defined threshold, or the vehicle is braked autonomously, PRE-SAFE® occupant protection measures will be triggered at the same time: the seat belts are pulled tight while, depending on the vehicle's specification, the seat cushions of the multicontour seats will be inflated and, where relevant, the front passenger and rear seats brought into a more upright position.


A further development of the autonomous braking system offers additional safety. At speeds of up to 50 km/h it helps to avoid rear-end collisions with stationary or moving vehicles ahead. This improved function scores maximum points to meet the strict EuroNCAP regulations on autonomous braking in an urban environment.


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