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Night View Assist Plus

People or animals on the road at night often represent a source of danger for drivers. Night View Assist Plus can recognise them within a range of up to 160 m in front of the vehicle.

Should the thermal imaging camera recognise pedestrians or large animals such as deer in the road ahead, the speedometer in the instrument cluster display will automatically switch to a bright night vision image. People and animals are marked in colour in this image, therefore making them clearly visible. The spotlight function can also be used to flash at people within this warning zone.

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Night View Assist Plus includes two separate LED headlamps that shine an invisible and non-dazzling infrared light onto the road. A near-infrared camera designed specifically for this type of light, located in the upper section of the windscreen, together with a far-infrared camera (thermal imaging camera) set into the radiator grille, are able to recognise what is happening in front of the car and activate the system's warning functions.


If the so-called "pop-up" function has been activated, a bright grey-scale image of the road

and the area in front of the vehicle appears in the display of the instrument cluster as soon as a potential risk is identified – whereby people and animals in the relevant warning zone, within 160 m of the car, are highlighted in colour and thus clearly distinguishable.


If there are people within this warning zone, the spotlight function set earlier will become active on unlit roads and at speeds over 60 km/h. A special module in the front headlamp flashes several times at any person in the critical zone to provide a warning. This alerts both the driver and the person at risk to the potential danger. The flashing function is not used in the case of animals, since their reaction is unpredictable.


In its basic setting, Night View Assist Plus is set to "Automatic activation of night vision image", in other words the pop-up function is activated. In this case Night View Assist remains active in the background. However, as soon as it detects a person or an animal within the danger zone on an unlit road, it automatically activates transfer of the image to show the situation on the display screen. Once the risk area has been passed, the image in the display automatically switches off again. As hitherto, the system can however be kept permanently switched on.


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