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MAGIC BODY CONTROL combines the advantages of the active suspension system Active Body Control (ABC) with the globally innovative ROAD SURFACE SCAN function – a stereo camera that scans the road ahead and registers the road surface and its condition.

The system is thus able to recognise an uneven road surface before you come to drive over it, thus enabling the suspension to adjust itself in order to counteract, as far as possible, the undulations in the road.

Comfort and agility even
on poor roads.



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MAGIC BODY CONTROL ensures a unique synthesis of comfort and agility. Regardless of whether the surface of the road you are driving on is smooth or damaged: you glide quietly and serenely over the asphalt.


The basis of the new system is provided by the Active Body Control (ABC) active suspension, which works to hold the vehicle body steady. It can actively regulate the suspension strut forces – and does so for each wheel separately. This dampens the vibrations of your car, while bodywork oscillations caused during steering, braking or accelerating can be almost completely eliminated. This technology is also able to hold your car in its lane much better in critical wind conditions.


The suspension also recognises the car's load and adjusts its level accordingly. Depending on circumstances, the ground clearance can be increased by up to 40 mm - for example in wintery road conditions. Complementing this system is the new ROAD SURFACE SCAN function. A stereo camera positioned at about the height of the interior mirror measures the road surface ahead of you and sends the data recorded to the control unit for the suspension, where they are evaluated.


The active suspension then takes just fractions of a second to adjust itself to the condition of the road. The result is very agile, precise and yet still comfortable handling, on an apparently ultra-smooth road surface.



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