LED High Performance headlamps

The future of lighting technology belongs to LEDs. They have long been familiar in monitors and other devices. The first dynamic LED High Performance headlamps in the new CLS-Class from Mercedes-Benz now demonstrate that LEDs can also improve visibility and safety on the road.

The LED High Performance headlamps have a colour temperature of 5500 kelvin. This is closer to the colour of daylight than their bi-xenon counterparts, which means that they are less of a strain on the driver's eyes. At 10,000 hours, the average service life of an LED is around five times higher than that of a xenon lamp. LED headlamps also reduce the power consumption of the light system. In combination with the Intelligent Light System which is familiar from other models and Adaptive Highbeam Assist (both systems also feature in LED technology on the CLS), the LED High Performance headlamps from Mercedes-Benz offer a totally new standard of safety for night-time driving.

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