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DISTRONIC PLUS with Steering Assist

Steering Assist is the optimum addition to DISTRONIC PLUS proximity control, a system which helps with maintaining the desired distance from another vehicle in front. This is because Steering Assist also provides additional support when it comes to directional stability – namely lateral lane guidance for your car.

Through targeted steering intervention, it keeps you on the correct course and prevents you from unintentionally drifting out of your lane.

Steers when your car
drifts out of lane.



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DISTRONIC PLUS with Steering Assist monitors both the longitudinal and lateral movements of your car at speeds of up to 200 km/h.

While DISTRONIC PLUS proximity control supports you in maintaining the optimum distance from the vehicle in front, even in stop-and-go traffic, Steering Assist ensures that you remain in the middle of the lane not only on straight roads, but also on gentle bends.


The stereo camera located behind the windscreen near the rear-view mirror detects road markings as well as vehicles in front, and relays this information to the electric steering assistance system. When driving at slow speeds, e.g. in congested traffic, Steering Assist can use the vehicle ahead of you as a means of orientation and adjust your lane behaviour accordingly – a major advantage when the road markings are not clearly visible or perhaps not even present.


The system's design is so refined that the sensors can detect whether your hands are actually on the steering wheel. If not, you are first given a visual warning if there is a risk of you moving out of your lane. If you fail to react, a warning signal sounds and lateral lane guidance is deactivated.


DISTRONIC PLUS with Steering Assist can be activated at speeds of up to 200 km/h. A green steering wheel symbol appears in the instrument cluster when Steering Assist is operating while DISTRONIC PLUS is activated.


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