Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive

360° Camera

Forming part of the Parking package, the 360° camera provides you with visual support when parking and manoeuvring, and also in situations of restricted visibility when driving off road.

The system keeps all four sides of the vehicle in view and therefore enables consistent all-round visibility, including a bird's-eye view – a top-down view of your car and its immediate surroundings.

Monitors the entire area surrounding your vehicle.



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More eyes can see more: this simple principle is also used in the 360° camera system. A total of four cameras monitor the area surrounding your vehicle.


The first camera is located in the radiator grille. Another is located in each of the exterior mirror housings and one in the boot lid, above the number plate. Using the image data from the four cameras, the system calculates a number of different views – including a true-colour representation of your car and its surroundings from a birds-eye view.


The images are reproduced on your COMAND display. This way you have a choice between a full-screen display and a split-screen display, in which the views from different angles can be displayed next to each other.


Depending on the direction in which you are travelling, the images switch automatically to show the view from either the front or the rear camera on the display. Superimposed dynamic guide lines also provide for additional orientation and provide support when manoeuvring and parking.
And should you be interested in the view from an angle which is different to that selected by the system, you can easily switch between specific camera views at any time.

The 360° camera is also activated automatically when engaging reverse gear, or can be selected via the COMAND system. On some models it can also be activated via a direct selection button.


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