Tyre pressure loss warning

This system analyses a range of measured variables and displays a visual prompt to check the tyre pressure in case of deviations indicating falling tyre pressure.

The tyre pressure loss warning system operates on the basis of indirect measurements. On detecting probable pressure loss in a tyre a general warning appears on the display, prompting the driver to check the tyre pressures.

In contrast to the tyre pressure monitoring system, the tyre pressure loss warning system performs indirect measurements without any additional sensors in the wheels. The ESP®-based system ("Active tyre pressure monitoring" appears on the display) continuously compares the speeds of the wheels. The control unit additionally takes account of dynamic variables such as lateral acceleration, turn rate and wheel torque.

Should the system detect any conspicuous deviations which indicate declining air pressure in a tyre, the warning "Check tyre pressure" will appear in red letters on the central display. The system requires to be restarted via the operating menu after changing a tyre or changing the air pressure in individual tyres. The system is temporarily unable to provide warnings during the learning process which follows such a restart.

A contribution to active safety.

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