ESP® trailer stabilisation

On vehicles with a trailer coupling, this supplementary ESP® function damps trailer oscillation as necessary, additionally slowing down the towing vehicle when critical speeds apply.

For Mercedes-Benz vehicles with a trailer coupling (optional extra), a supplementary ESP® function is available for added safety when towing a trailer: ESP® trailer stabilisation. This function recognises that a trailer is attached when the trailer's electric plug is connected to the towing vehicle.

ESP® trailer stabilisation uses the ESP® sensor system and initiates any measures which may be necessary at speeds above 65 km/h, actively damping trailer oscillation by means of alternating braking intervention on the front wheels.

In most cases this is sufficient to eradicate trailer oscillation and eliminate any further danger. In case of very severe trailer oscillation, the system can additionally reduce the engine torque and brake all four wheels of the towing vehicle, in order to leave the critical speed range as quickly as possible.

Added safety when towing a trailer.

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