The EASY-VARIO-PLUS system offers a whole range of well-conceived functions for increasing the available luggage space in a flexible and convenient manner, so as to enable the transportation of large and bulky items, too.

rThe EASY-VARIO-PLUS system provides a swift and convenient means of adapting the vehicle's interior to enable the transportation of large and bulky items. For this purpose it offers a variety of functions designed to enable flexible enlargement of the luggage compartment according to prevailing needs.

The height-adjustable luggage compartment floor can be adjusted to two different heights. In the power position it is enlarged to enable the transportation of high items, for example. When the rear seat backrests are folded forward, the luggage compartment grows in size once again. The rear seats offer fore-and-aft adjustment as an additional means of increasing the luggage compartment capacity. The rear seat backrest angle is adjustable and a 90° cargo position is also available. The front passenger's seat can also be folded forward to make room for particularly long items.

Transport space galore.

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