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Crosswind Assist

Crosswind Assist detects sudden, strong gusts of wind which can act on the side of your vehicle, and helps to prevent your car from "drifting" out of lane by means of targeted braking on one side of the vehicle.

When driving on bridges or when overtaking trucks, Crosswind Assist keeps the wind in check and helps you to remain in your lane.

Counteracts dangerous
gusts of wind.



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The wind can sometimes be nice. Crosswinds, on the other hand, can be very unpleasant and even dangerous – particularly when they occur unexpectedly. To prevent nasty surprises, Crosswind Assist makes use of the precision sensors of the Electronic Stability Program (ESP®).


They record gusts of wind and ensure that course-corrective brake application occurs to prevent your car from being pushed out of its lane. To achieve this, the brakes are applied on the wheels on the side of the vehicle facing the wind, depending on the situation. In such cases the braking force is based on the strength of the crosswind. This results in a so-called "yaw motion" - a rotational movement of the vehicle against the flow of the wind - which reduces the lane displacement of your vehicle.


In the case of vehicles with MAGIC BODY CONTROL, on the other hand, Crosswind Assist makes use of the advantages afforded by the ABC (Active Body Control) active suspension to keep your vehicle in its lane. To do so, the suspension strut forces are regulated according to the strength of the crosswind, thus damping the vibrations affecting your vehicle and reducing vehicle body oscillations which can arise as a result of steering, braking and accelerating. This ensures that you remain in control of your vehicle in critical wind conditions.


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