Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive


ATTENTION ASSIST creates an individual driver profile, detects by reference to over 70 measured variables when the driver is becoming tired and duly prompts him to take a rest.

Prevents drivers from becoming over-tired.



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Long-distance journeys without a break harbour a high risk of fatigue, and drivers often fail to notice that they are over-tired in good time.


Studies show that around one quarter of all serious motorway accidents are attributable to sleepy drivers in need of a rest. Tests conducted with over 550 male and female drivers have shown that many people fail to recognise tiredness in good time. Tiredness generally builds up over a prolonged period, rather than revealing any sudden and clearly noticeable symptoms. Drivers' perceptive faculties and their ability to react decline continuously, with the result that they are often unable to act in the required manner even in the early phases of fatigue.
ATTENTION ASSIST from Mercedes-Benz plays an important role in helping to prevent accidents: on monotonous country roads and motorways, the system is active at speeds between 80 and 180 km/h, analysing a number of indicators to monitor the driver's gradual transition from alertness to tiredness.


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