The two additional gears of the quiet-running 7G-TRONIC transmission enable fast gear-shifting even through several gears, agile acceleration, added driving enjoyment and reduced fuel consumption.
7G-TRONIC is the world's first 7-speed automatic transmission for passenger cars. Its strengths are spontaneous gear-shifting, torquey acceleration, very quiet running, added driving enjoyment and reduced fuel consumption. How is all this achieved? The two new gears enable a larger ratio spread between the individual gears. More gears mean a smaller rev range per gear, resulting in markedly smaller jumps in rpm when changing gear. Comprehensive studies show that the driver remains totally unaware of 95% of all gear shifts. This provides for a more supple, smoother-running engine. And the overall reduction in revs lowers fuel consumption by up to 0.6 litres per 100 km. The 7G-TRONIC additionally enables multiple shifting, whereby the electronic control system skips individual gears as appropriate when downshifting. As this reduces the number of gearshifts, the car responds with noticeably enhanced agility. An improved torque converter lock-up function additionally provides for faster acceleration from a standing start, with lock-up now available from 1st gear. The 7G-TRONIC housing is produced in lightweight magnesium. As a result, despite the two additional gears this transmission model is only 1.8 kilos heavier than its predecessor, and almost identical in size at a length of 62 cm. The 7G-TRONIC is a milestone in transmission technology which is surpassed only by its successor, 7G-TRONIC PLUS.

The pioneering 7-speed automatic transmission.

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