The 7G-DCT dual clutch transmission operates without any interruptions in tractive power and offers the comfort of an automatic transmission combined with the efficiency of a manual transmission.

High torque, high efficiency.



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Mercedes-Benz is setting new standards in driving dynamics. The multiple downshift function of the 7G-DCT provides faster bursts of speed on tap.

When necessary, the electronic control system skips individual gears, instead of shifting down through each gear in succession. Manual gear-shifting is also possible via the shift paddles on the steering column, for a sportier driving experience.
The electro-hydraulic control unit of the 7G-DCT additionally incorporates an innovative parking lock: the ›park-by-wire‹ system. This does not involve a mechanical connection between vehicle and transmission – the parking lock is actuated electrohydraulically via the steering column. This results in a harmonious and more clearly laid-out interior.


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