The touchpad enables comfortable control of the COMAND Online multimedia system: the navigation system, audio system, video, Internet and the hands-free function can be operated as intuitively as a smartphone. The Audio 20 CD sound system can also be operated by touchpad.

The sensors recognise single and multi-finger gestures such as scrolling, swiping or zooming and even letters, special characters and numbers, e.g. for entering addresses or browsing the internet. Three touch-sensitive keys provide direct access to favourites, music selection and the "Back" function.


Makes navigation a finger exercise.

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The touchpad is approx. 6.5 x 4.5 cm in size and integrated into the hand comforter of the central control panel.

The driver can simply and easily use the touchpad, using intuitive finger movements, to operate the screen menus in the head unit and thus all functions of the COMAND Online multimedia system and the Audio 20 CD sound system.

In addition to the touch surface, three touch-sensitive keys enable the most frequently used functions to be accessed: the "Back" function, the favourites menu and the audio shortcut menu. For improved orientation, the symbols on the keys light up in the dark.

The touchpad reacts reliably to single and multi-finger gestures such as swiping, scrolling or zooming – regardless of whether the driver performs them slowly or quickly. Thanks to character recognition, hand-written letters, special characters and numbers in all languages of the head unit have been precisely recorded. This is particularly practical for route planning, telephoning or browsing the internet.

The innovative technology of the touchpad makes operation very comfortable and reliable. Whilst the driver's finger slides "blind" over the touchpad, the selection and input fields are optically highlighted on the screen menu of the head unit. At the same time, the driver can feel a response from the touchpad whenever the cursor touches an active field. The touchpad also "acknowledges" each entry unmistakeably by means of a gentle impulse.

To avoid erroneous entries, a special handrest sensor does a three-dimensional analysis of the sensor signal and can detect if the hand is merely resting on the "hand comforter" or if an entry should actually be carried out.

The touchpad is a part of the Audio 20 CD sound system and the COMAND Online multimedia system.


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