THERMOTRONIC automatic climate control


For maximum comfort maximum and air distribution can be controlled separately for the driver, front-seat passenger and any passengers in the rear. Sensors ensure that the climate set for each zone remains at a constant level.

A pleasant climate in the vehicle is essential to an enjoyable trip, but it's an individual thing. The THERMOTRONIC automatic air-conditioning system allows the climate inside the vehicle to be controlled in several separate zones. Depending on the vehicle type it is available as a 2-zone variant for the driver and front-seat passenger or as a 3-zone variant to include the rear-seat passengers.

All variants operate extremely effectively without producing draughts. The system is easy to use, quick to respond and quiet.

THERMOTRONIC 3-zone luxury automatic climate control allows temperature and air distribution to be controlled separately in three areas (front right, front left, rear). The 2-zone variant offers individual comfort settings for the driver and front-seat passenger. Depending on the vehicle equipment they may also be able to set a different temperature for their footwell than that selected for their zone.

Depending on the vehicle type, there is a choice of three ventilation modes: Diffuse, Medium and Focus. The indirect ventilation area in the instrument panel ensures draught-free climate control according to the selected ventilation mode. Central air vents in the rear increase comfort for the rear-seat passengers. A large number of sensors detect the temperature inside and outside the vehicle as well as the amount of sunlight entering it to ensure that the temperature remains constant at all times.

A sensor for air quality and harmful gases constantly monitors the quality of the outside air being drawn in. If pollutant levels rise, the system automatically switches into air recirculation mode. In addition to this, there is an activated charcoal filter that removes fine particulate matter to improve air quality in the vehicle. It filters out dust, soot and pollen and also reduces pollutants and odours.

To warm the interior quickly when the engine is cold there is a 6-stage electric PTC heater booster – depending on the engine variant. A dew-point sensor measures the absolute air humidity on the windscreen in order to prevent the screen from misting up. The residual engine heat button allows the vehicle interior to be heated or ventilated for up to 30 minutes after the engine has been switched off.

Other components of the THERMOTRONIC automatic climate control system are the heated glove compartment and, depending on the model type, additional air vents in the B-pillars.


4 climate zones.

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