THERMATIC automatic climate control


THERMATIC automatic air conditioning automatically controls temperature, air flow and distribution. THERMATIC is available with 1 or 2 climate zones.

As a 2-zone automatic climate control system THERMATIC offers individual comfort for the driver and front-seat passenger, as the temperature can be controlled separately for the right- and left-hand sides of the interior.

A number of sensors, which not only detect the temperature inside and outside the vehicle but also the amount of sunlight entering it, ensure that the air is heated or cooled as required. The climate is kept constant at the desired level at all times. In addition to this, there is an activated charcoal filter that removes fine particulate matter to improve air quality in the vehicle. It filters out dust, soot and pollen and also reduces pollutants and odours. A dew-point sensor measures the absolute air humidity close to the windscreen in order to prevent the windows from misting up.

The main functions of the THERMATIC system are controlled via switches in the centre console panel. Temperature and air flow can also be controlled directly from the row of settings shown in the head unit display. These and other functions are clearly displayed and easy to control in the air-conditioning menu. In combination with COMAND Online (optional) a climate status notification appears for about three seconds near the bottom of the head unit display if adjustments are made to the air-conditioning settings.

Automatic mode: Activating the AUTO button on the control panel automatically regulates the air flow via the respective fan settings and distributes the air automatically.

Air recirculation mode: It is possible to cut off the fresh air intake if the air outside smells unpleasant. To prevent the windows from misting up, the air recirculation mode is automatically switched back off after a period of several minutes, dependent on the outside temperature and the system's settings. The tunnel function offers a particularly high level of comfort: holding down the air recirculation button for longer than around two seconds automatically closes all the windows and the sun-roof if present. Holding the button again returns the windows and roof to their previous positions. In conjunction with a navigation system, the air-conditioning automatically switches to air recirculation mode when the GPS signal indicates that the vehicle is in a tunnel.


2 climate zones.

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