Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive

PRE-SAFE ® system

The multiple award-winning PRE-SAFE® system can activate precautionary measures to enhance occupant protection in critical situations.

This is possible thanks to the networking of the BAS Brake Assist system and the ESP® Electronic Stability Program, whose sensors can detect potentially critical driving situations and transmit this information to electronic control units within milliseconds. The PRE-SAFE® system also uses these sensor data.

Preventive occupant protection.

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Depending on model and equipment, the PRE-SAFE® system consists of the following features: reversible belt tensioner, adaptive belt-force limiter, PRE-SAFE® positioning feature for the front passenger seat, automatic closing of side windows and of the sliding/tilting sunroof or glass top sliding roof.

PRE-SAFE® reversible belt tensioners can tighten the driver and front passenger seat belts as a precautionary measure. Crash tests have demonstrated that this precautionary tensioning ensures optimum positioning and restraint for the driver and front passenger (they will not be thrust forward as much on impact) and reduces the stress load on their heads and necks.

The front passenger seat and the individual rear seats can also be moved into a more favourable position for the event of a possible collision. In addition, the side bolster chambers of the diverse multicontour seats can be rapidly inflated with air. This helps improve the lateral hold for occupants and keeps the space between seat and side wall free in critical situations, enabling the side airbags to provide more effective protection.  If the sensors detect over- or understeer, which could lead to the vehicle veering off the road and possibly overturning, the side windows and sliding sunroof can close automatically.

The vehicle sensing system of the optional Intelligent Drive package is also used to detect a vehicle ahead and any danger of a rear-end collision.


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