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PRE-SAFE impulse side


In the event of a side impact, there is only a limited crumple zone available. In order to increase the size of this zone, the occupant protection system PRE-SAFE impulse side serves to move the driver or front passenger out of the immediate danger zone even before a crash takes place.

If the system detects an imminent side collision, it inflates air chambers in the seat's side bolster within fractions of a second. This gives the vehicle occupant the necessary side impulse to move the their head and upper body towards the centre of the vehicle.


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In order to monitor the traffic to the side of the vehicle, PRE-SAFE impulse side makes use of the existing locator sensors (e.g. radar sensor at the front outside the front bumper) and networks the information provided by various control units.

If the sensors detect that a side collision is imminent, actuators in the front seats ensure that the air chambers in the side bolsters of the backrests inflate with lightning speed. This results in the vehicle occupants being given a light impulse to the side, which pushes them away from the door trim. This increases the distance to the trim parts and reduces the difference in speed between the vehicle and the occupant. This can reduce the forces to which the occupant's ribcage is subjected during a side collision.

PRE-SAFE impulse side is part of the new generation of driving assistance packages, which increase the level of safety and comfort for the driver.


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