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The Parking Pilot finds parking spaces and assists you manoeuvring into them. You can switch between manual or automatic manoeuvring at any time and don't need to worry about changing gear or speed. The reversing camera provides a better overview behind the vehicle.

The Parking Pilot provides audible and visual warning signals to ensure that no obstacles or passing vehicles go unnoticed. When reversing into a parking space, additional assistance is provided by the guide lines shown on the display.


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The Parking Pilot assists the driver in finding parking spaces and provides active steering intervention as well as gear changes and speed control when manoeuvring in parallel and perpendicular parking spaces.

As part of the parking package, the PARKTRONIC system is supported by 12 ultrasonic sensors, with four on the front and two on the side of both the front and rear bumpers. The reversing camera is located in the boot lid.

The parking scenario, including a symbolic display, is shown in the media display of the multimedia system. The audible warnings of the PARKTRONIC system are emitted in the front part of the vehicle interior and help prevent collisions.

Parking Assist can be activated and deactivated using a switch on the centre console. With the 9G-TRONIC, gears are changed automatically and the Parking Pilot intervenes with steering and braking actions in order to complete the parking procedure comfortably. The engine torque is influenced so that the vehicle does not move any faster than 10 km/h. The parking procedure is ended with a maximum of 12 moves, but can also be taken over by the driver at any time.

When searching for a parking space, the Parking Pilot detects parking spaces on both the driver and front passenger side at speeds up to 35 km/h. The driver can select a detected parking space using the multifunction steering wheel or the controller. The Parking Pilot will then end the parking procedure automatically.

If the vehicle was parked with the aid of the Parking Pilot, the system can also be used to manoeuvre automatically out of the parking space. For this purpose, the driver has to confirm this procedure and select the direction of travel.


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