Night View Assist Plus

(from 2007)

Enhanced night-time visibility.

Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive


People or animals on the road at night often represent a source of danger for drivers. Night View Assist Plus can recognise them within a range of up to 160 m in front of the vehicle.

Should the thermal imaging camera recognise pedestrians or large animals such as deer in the road ahead, the speedometer in the instrument cluster display will automatically switch to a bright night vision image. People and animals are marked in colour in this image, therefore making them clearly visible.



Night View Assist Plus with spotlight function
Two infrared headlamps integrated in the front of the vehicle illuminate the carriageway with dazzle-free infrared light which is invisible to the human eye. This enables an infrared camera to film the illuminated area and relay the image data to the control unit of the NIGHT VIEW ASSIST PLUS system. NIGHT VIEW ASSIST PLUS is able to recognise pedestrians in the infrared images and, in certain conditions, cyclists riding bikes without lights. The filmed scene is shown on a display inside the vehicle, indicating detected persons. When the spotlight function is active, detected persons on the edge of the road on the front passenger's side are additionally flashed up by a front headlamp, thereby attracting the driver's attention to them. This flashing is controlled so as to avoid dazzling vehicles ahead or oncoming traffic.

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Changes may have been made since these images and films were produced.

The spotlight function starts working when the speed reaches 45 km/h, when the automatic lighting functions and the NIGHT VIEW ASSIST PLUS are activated. An additional aperture in the projection module of a front headlamp enables the spotlight function’s light to be distributed selectively. Anyone on or next to the road up to 80 m ahead will be detected and flashed up.


The complex software controlling the NIGHT VIEW ASSIST PLUS directs the spotlight onto persons that have been detected.The software can also identify vehicles ahead or oncoming traffic and prevent them from being dazzled by the flashing of the spotlight function. When driving at approx. 70 km/h, on average, test drivers detected a pedestrian 25 metres or 1.3 seconds earlier than without a spotlight function. Those seconds can make a huge difference.


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