Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive

Night View Assist Plus

People or animals on the road at night often represent a source of danger for drivers. Night View Assist Plus can recognise them within a range of up to 160 m in front of the vehicle.

Should the thermal imaging camera recognise pedestrians or large animals such as deer in the road ahead, the speedometer in the instrument cluster display will automatically switch to a bright night vision image. People and animals are marked in colour in this image, therefore making them clearly visible

Visibly safer.



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The infrared light is invisible to the human eye, so it does not dazzle pedestrians or oncoming traffic. A special close-range infrared camera in the upper area of the windscreen and a long-range infrared camera (thermal imaging camera) in the radiator grille can detect what is happening in front of the car and activate the system's warning functions. The system recognises people at a distance of up to 160 m and large animals up to 100 m away.

If a hazard is identified, the display in the instrument cluster shows a clear grey scale image of the road and the area ahead of the vehicle. People or animals are highlighted in colour with red markings in the display.

Night View Assist Plus is set to "Automatic switch to night view image" as a default, i.e. the system works in the background. Night View Assist Plus only activates the image display if it detects a person or animal in the danger area on an unlit road. The image in the display switches itself off once the vehicle has passed the area of danger.

Night View Assist Plus can be switched permanently on or off by means of a button. The night-view image continues to be displayed until the driver deactivates the system.


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