Multicontour seat


Multicontour seats for the driver and front-seat passenger contain air chambers enabling them to be adapted to the user's individual anatomy to give real orthopaedic support. They enhance comfort and driver fitness, especially on long journeys.

A 4-way lumbar support can be adjusted for position and shape provides support for the lower back with a backrest contour that can be individually shaped to suit the user. Adjustable side bolsters for the seat and backrest provide optimum side support. The seat cushion length is also adjustable, ensuring that the user's thighs are comfortably supported. The driver and front-seat passenger can adapt the contour of their seats to suit their individual build. Adjustments can be made quickly and easily either via the audio/COMAND system or the controller in the centre console.

Depending on the model, a massage function helps to relieve muscle tension. A massage mat containing multiple chambers is incorporated into the backrest. These are inflated and deflated via fast-switching magnetic valves to create a wave-like massage effect. The air chambers pulsate for around 20 minutes.

Depending on the model, the luxury head restraints are also individually adjustable. They can be electronically adjusted both vertically (55 mm) and horizontally (44 mm) to adapt their height and distance perfectly to the position of the head. In addition, the side sections of the luxury head restraints can be moved forward by 20° to ensure the best possible side support.

The multicontour seats are recommended by the Campaign for Healthier Backs (AGR).


Enhanced comfort on long journeys.

Vehicle availability

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