With the LINGUATRONIC voice control system, the infotainment system as well as some of the vehicle functions can be controlled reliably using spoken commands. This minimises the distraction of the driver during the journey and increases driving comfort.

The voice control understands commands given in everyday language and still works even if there is a lot of vehicle noise.


Reliable voice control.



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The LINGUATRONIC voice control system can be used to control the navigation, telephone, radio and media functions, Mercedes-Benz apps and some vehicle functions.

The system is activated by simply pressing the "Push to talk" button on the multifunction steering wheel. This means the driver's hands can stay on the steering wheel. Once the driver has entered a command, the system provides feedback to confirm the entry or further information in the event of an incorrect entry.

To make it easier to use, a special teleprompter is shown in the media display which lists the relevant commands according to the currently active menu (navigation, radio, etc.).

The navigation system allows towns, street names and house numbers to be entered conveniently via whole-word input. What's more, it also supports a free-text Points of Interest search, e.g. "Royal Albert Hall in London" or "Petrol stations near here".

Voice commands for the media search can be entered either as an entire sentence or by calling up a name from the stored telephone book (One Shot).

It is also possible to control some vehicle functions via the LINGUATRONIC voice control system, e.g. "Show me the air conditioning setting menu" or "Start massage function". In doing so, it is possible to call up the menus and submenus using voice commands.

The LINGUATRONIC voice control system also supports the Text to Speech (TTS) function and can read out relevant traffic reports or texts and messages from Mercedes-Benz apps.


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