Active LED High-Performance Headlamp System

LEDs will shape the future of lighting technology. We are already accustomed to seeing them on screens and other devices.

In developing the first dynamic full LED high-performance headlamps for the new CLS-Class, Mercedes-Benz demonstrates that LEDs can enhance both visibility and safety on the road. The LED high-performance headlamps deliver a colour temperature of 5,500 K.

This means that they are closer to the temperature of daylight than their bi-xenon counterparts and are less of a strain on the eyes.

With an average service life of 10,000 hours, a light-emitting diode lasts around five times as long as a xenon lamp. Using LED headlamps also reduces the power consumption of the lighting system. In combination with Adaptive Highbeam Assist, the Mercedes-Benz LED high-performance headlamps deliver a new level of safety for night-time driving.

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