LED Daytime Running Lamps


LED daytime driving lights make vehicles easier to spot in daylight. At the same time, the long-life, economical LEDs allow for an even more distinctive design.

Compared with older types of light, LEDs have a much longer life and actually consume less power.

In Canada,  it is now compulsory to drive with your lights on during daytime – for good and plausible reasons. Daytime driving lights provide for added safety on the roads. Vehicles with activated daytime driving lights are more easily recognisable for other motorists, particularly when the light changes constantly – such as when driving along tree-lined roads or built-up stretches of road.

The light-emitting diodes also open up exciting new opportunities in headlamp design. LED daytime driving lights are incorporated into the headlamps in new models, giving the front of the car a highly distinctive appearance.


Safety and modern design.

Vehicle availability

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