When the driver has the electronic key in his jacket pocket, for example, gripping a door handle is sufficient to enable opening, starting up and locking of the vehicle.

KEYLESS-GO is a convenient electronic drive authorization system that enables the driver to unlock or start the vehicle without a key. All doors can be opened and locked without even having to activate the remote control.

If the key is in the immediate vicinity of the vehicle and the user grips one of the door handles, the vehicle electronics system uses the relevant antenna in the doors, fuel flap and bumper to communicate with the key. If the authorization code matches, the vehicle is unlocked.

Locking the vehicle from outside and convenience closing and opening are equally possible with this system. The engine can be started and stopped via the start/stop button on the selector lever or in the ignition lock.

The complete scope of functions of the standard-fit drive authorisation system, such as convenience closing, remains available when KEYLESS GO is installed.


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