To open, start or lock the vehicle, all the driver needs to do is firmly grip one of the door handles while having the electronic key in his or her coat pocket, for example. 

KEYLESS-GO is an easy-to-use, electronic driving authorisation system for which the driver does not have to hold the key in his or her hand before getting into or starting the vehicle. All the doors can be opened and closed without even once activating the remote control.


In the KEYLESS-GO system, the functions of the familiar electronic key have been incorporated into a newly developed key in which the access and driving authorisation functions are stored.


If the key is in the immediate vicinity of the vehicle and the user firmly grips one of the door handles, the vehicle electronics communicate with the key via the corresponding induction antennae in doors, tank trim and bumper. If the data matches the authorisation code, the vehicle is unlocked.


In the same way, locking of the vehicle from the outside as well as convenience opening/closing is possible using this system. The engine can be switched on or off via the start/stop button on the selector lever or in the ignition lock.


The control options of the standard driving authorisation system with the electronic key, e.g. convenient closing, remain fully operational. 


Electronics is the key.

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