Fuel Efficiency

Fuel Efficiency reduces fuel consumption while maintaining the same level of performance, through a combination of various intelligent technologies and innovative ideas.
Fuel Efficiency stands for the intelligent combination of measures and technologies that make a Mercedes-Benz more environment-friendly. A vehicle with Fuel Efficiency consumes less fuel and emits less CO2.

Reduces fuel consumption and emissions.



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The name Fuel Efficiency encompasses a wealth of different ideas and technologies.

These include the NGT bivalent natural gas drive, BlueTEC, the latest generation of BlueDIRECT engines and the HYBRID drive. A host of minor optimisation measures on and in the vehicle additionally reduce fuel consumption and emissions. Other Fuel Efficiency technologies are currently the subject of studies and experiments. These include first and foremost alternative drive concepts, such as the F-CELL fuel cell drive and the E-CELL electric drive. The results of such studies will help to make vehicles from Mercedes-Benz even more efficient in the future. Further information on the technologies that belong to Fuel Efficiency and the models in which they are used is to be found at the TechCenter or in the fuel Efficiency web special.


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