ESP® trailer stabilisation


For vehicles with a trailer coupling, this additional function of ESP® damps oscillation if required or slows down the car/trailer combination when the speed is critical.

At Mercedes-Benz, vehicles with a trailer coupling (optional) have an additional function of ESP® for more safety when operating a car/trailer combination: the ESP® trailer stabilisation. It recognises the trailer when the electric trailer connecting plug is connected with the towing vehicle.


The ESP® trailer stabilisation uses the sensor system of ESP® and, above a speed of 65 km/h, initiates any measures which may become necessary i.e. it damps the oscillation actively with the aid of individual and alternate brake interventions for each wheel on the front axis.


In most cases, that is sufficient to completely eliminate the oscillations and thus to prevent any further danger. However, if the oscillations are very strong, the engine torque is additionally reduced and the towing vehicle is decelerated in all four wheels so that the vehicle's speed drops below the critical speed range as soon as possible.


Added safety when towing a trailer.

Vehicle availability

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