ECO Display


The ECO display in the instrument cluster analyses individual driving styles and provides specific tips on how you can reduce your fuel consumption.

Three bar chart-type displays provide feedback on the economic efficiency of the driving style and point the way to potential savings.


Promotes an energy-efficient
driving style.



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The fuel consumption of a vehicle not only depends on the technical equipment and the conditions in which it is used. The driver too can exert considerable influence here: by adopting an energy-efficient style of driving, it is possible can reduce consumption by up to 30%.


The ECO display in the instrument cluster provides the driver with support in this respect. It checks the driving style during different phases of driving and assesses it:


if the driver makes an effort to keep his driving uniform, accelerates somewhat moderately and allows his vehicle to decelerate by coasting from time to time, instead of applying the brakes, the green bars in the display rise, indicating increased energy efficiency. In contrast, if a less economical driving style is adopted, the bars drop. This is because rapid acceleration, high fluctuations in speed and relatively frequent braking all have a negative effect on the individual energy balance.


With reference to the percentage displayed, the driver can see how much energy saving potential he has already achieved. In the best case scenario, he can achieve a value of 100%. This means that since starting his journey, within the given framework conditions, he has been able to achieve the maximum savings potential and reduced consumption to a minimum.


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