A number of different drive programs can be called up at the press of a button using the DYNAMIC SELECT switch – for an especially comfortable, sporty, efficient or completely personalised driving style.


Depending on the drive program selected, parameters such as engine, transmission, suspension and steering characteristics are varied accordingly. The driver is given a response via the instrument cluster and the head unit.

The AGILITY SELECT switch is located in the centre console and enables comfortable activation of four pre-installed programs and one personalised one – all at the press of a button.


Depending on the mode, configured parameters regarding the engine, transmission, suspension and steering are adjusted automatically. The selected program is shown as a status in the instrument cluster and briefly as a pop-up display in the head unit.


Driving pleasure is a question of adaptability.

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The standard setting is the balanced COMFORT mode with optimised fuel consumption.

In the SPORT program, the steering and – in the case of vehicles with AIRMATIC – suspension are stiffer and more sportily attuned to each other, providing more agility and dynamism, a more spontaneous throttle response and modified gear change points (for vehicles with 7G-TRONIC PLUS).

In conjunction with AIRMATIC, the SPORT+ mode allows the sportiness to be increased yet further. The suspension and drive system are even more dynamically coordinated and the ECO start-stop function is deactivated.

The ECO drive program is designed to achieve the lowest possible fuel consumption. This is ensured through calmer engine response, early gear changes (with 7G-TRONIC PLUS) and modified seat heating, rear window heating and climate control.

INDIVIDUAL mode offers the driver the option of varying the steering, drive system and suspension as desired – between efficient, comfortable and sporty. Selection is simple and comfortable via the head unit configuration menu.

In the pre-configured drive programs too, individual parameters such as the ECO start-stop function or the vehicle height can be adjusted to personal settings. If the drive program is subsequently changed, the preset settings for each mode are restored.


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