The cruise control that keeps your distance.

Radar-based DISTRONIC PLUS proximity control with integrated Brake Assist BAS PLUS from Mercedes-Benz provides crucial assistance.

The system automatically maintains your distance from the car in front and helps to minimize the risk of rear-end collisions by identifying potentially dangerous situations and reacting accordingly.

The system covers a range of 200 m with a scanning angle of 18 degrees. In the medium range, the distance covered is 60 m, with a scanning angle of 60 degrees.

Should DISTRONIC PLUS register that heavy braking is required, an intermittent warning tone is sounded and a warning symbol lights up on the instrument panel. This alerts the driver to pay close attention and apply the brakes if necessary. To move off again after coming to a complete stop, all you need to do is pull the cruise control lever or tap the accelerator.

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