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Distance Pilot DISTRONIC


The Distance Pilot DISTRONIC comfortably maintains the distance to the vehicle in front when driving in stop-start traffic: the system automatically maintains a set desired speed from 20 km/h onwards and also keeps a safe distance to the vehicle in front.

This reduces the strain on the driver when driving in stop-start traffic on motorways and trunk roads. The desired speed can be set to between 20 km/h and 200 km/h. 


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Automatic distance control works from 0 to 200 km/h. Here, the Distance Pilot DISTRONIC uses the information provided by the radar sensor in the front bumper. This allows the system to react promptly to vehicles cutting in as well as vehicles driving or stopping ahead – and even to stationary vehicles when driving at slow speeds. 

If the distance to a vehicle driving ahead decreases, the Distance Pilot DISTRONIC automatically reduces the speed and brakes the vehicle with deceleration up to 50 % of the maximum braking power, if necessary bringing the vehicle to a complete standstill.

If the system detects that heavier braking is required, a visual and acoustic warning is given so that the driver can brake the vehicle manually if necessary. If there is a danger of collision, the Active Brake Assist fitted as standard intervenes in order to prevent an accident wherever possible.

As soon as the traffic situation permits, the vehicle is accelerated back up to the set desired speed. If the driver also depresses the accelerator pedal, the Distance Pilot DISTRONIC will be switched to passive mode until the driver releases the accelerator pedal again.

The mode of operation of the Distance Pilot DISTRONIC is influenced by the selected DYNAMIC SELECT drive program. In "Sport" mode, for example, the

system provides dynamic and fast acceleration when following a vehicle in front or overtaking. In "Comfort" mode, the system is more comfort-oriented. 


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