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COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST PLUS is an anticipatory driving assistance system that combines a radar-supported distance warning feature, braking assistance from Adaptive Brake Assist and an autonomous partial application of the brakes.

This enables COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST PLUS to reduce the risk of a rear-end collision or considerably mitigate its effect.


Active protection from rear-end collisions.



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The COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST PLUS driver assistance system evaluates the information from the radar sensor system installed in the vehicle.

If the distance to the vehicle ahead falls below a safe distance for several seconds, first of all COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST PLUS draws the driver's attention to this fact by means of a warning symbol in the instrument cluster. If the distance decreases further, an intermittent tone also sounds. In the case of critical braking situations, Adaptive Brake Assist helps the driver with the best possible brake pressure.

The system automatically performs partial brake application if a risk of collision persists and there is still no reaction from the driver. This reduces the speed considerably and the driver is also given a physical warning. This autonomous braking application may be sufficient to prevent a rear-end collision, depending on how fast the vehicle is approaching the vehicle or obstacle ahead. If a collision is no longer avoidable, the braking process will considerably reduce the effects of the accident.

An optical warning is given if the distance to the vehicle ahead falls below the safe distance at speeds between 30 and 250 km/h; the optical and acoustic warning is given if there is a danger of collision at speeds over 7 km/h. Adaptive Brake Assist is active at speeds between 7 and 250 km/h for moving objects and between 7 and approx. 70 km/h for stationary obstacles. Autonomous partial braking is also available for moving objects at speeds below 105 km/h, and in conjunction with DISTRONIC PLUS up to 200 km/h.


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