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ATTENTION ASSIST is able to recognise typical signs of drowsiness and severe loss of attention and subsequently signal these to the driver: "Take a break!"

The driver is given a visual and audible warning of impending microsleep, thus increasing driving safety particularly on long journeys and when driving at night.


Prevents driver fatigue.



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Long-distance trips without a break pose a significant risk of fatigue which drivers often do not notice early enough.

To counter the risk of the driver falling asleep at the wheel, ATTENTION ASSIST compiles an individual driver profile within 15 to 20 minutes at the start of a journey and then continually compares this profile with the driver's current behaviour. The parameters evaluated include:

  • Time of day (read from the cockpit display)
  • Journey duration and vehicle speed (determined by the ESP® control unit)
  • Steering movements (measured by the steering angle sensor)
  • Longitudinal and lateral acceleration of the vehicle as well as the yaw rate (recorded by the driving dynamics sensors)
  • Control actions of the driver, e.g. on the radio, steering column adjustment, turn signal indicators or the buttons on the multifunction steering wheel

If the system analysis comprising over 70 measured variables detects certain steering or behavioural patterns which typically occur when the driver is tired, the system signals to the driver in good time that he/she should take a break.

A 5-stage bar display in the multifunction display visualises the driver's current attention level as well as the time of the last break. The driver is also shown if the system is inactive, for example, due to falling below or exceeding the speed thresholds or if an extremely sporty driving style is adopted.

If tiredness or loss of attention is detected in the driver, a coffee cup symbol appears to signal that a break should be taken and an acoustic signal is emitted. At the same time, COMAND Online offers to search for service stations.

The sensitivity of ATTENTION ASSIST can be adjusted so that the driver is warned at an even earlier stage when the corresponding setting is selected.


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