Less air resistance means lower fuel consumption. AIRPANEL, an adjustable radiator fin, makes use of this principle.


If only low cooling performance is required, AIRPANEL remains closed. This reduces air resistance and therefore fuel consumption. If and when higher cooling performance is required, the fins are opened.

With closed fins, the AIRPANEL radiator shutter helps to improve the vehicle aerodynamics, as the air can no longer flow through the engine compartment.


Less air resistance means reduced fuel consumption. When greater cooling performance is required, the fins open to increase air circulation to the engine. 


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AIRPANEL is adjusted via the engine control unit. The radiator shutter opens when one or more of the following conditions arise:

• Vehicle speed above 180 km/h

• Coolant temperature above 105 °C

• Suction fan performance requirements over 30 %

• Cooling water temperature above 34 °C

Until the conditions named are reached, and when the engine is switched off, AIRPANEL remains closed.

The system is visible from the outside and provides an interesting visual effect.


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