The damping system provides for well-balanced ride comfort by optimising tire vibration characteristics, damping and stabilisation according to the road surface conditions.

The AGILITY CONTROL suspension offers high ride comfort through selective adaption of the damping system to the prevailing road surface conditions. By continuously scanning the road surface it is able to improve ride comfort when minor bumps are encountered and to provide more effective damping and stabilisation of the vehicle in response to more substantial jolts.


The AGILITY CONTROL chassis combines the flexibility of a selective damping system with the effectiveness of a passive damping system. The comfort-oriented conventional spring/damper system is augmented as standard by a stroke-dependent damping function.


The functional module of the selective damping system consists of an elastomer piston which offers the oil flow a bypass parallel to the conventional shock absorber plating when minor bumps are encountered. This reduces the level of damping in the +/- 10 mm range, markedly improving ride comfort and the tire/road contact characteristics of the chassis. In case of heavier impacts on the chassis, the selective damping function activates the full damping effect.


A comfortable ride, whatever the road surface.

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