Thanks to the roll stabilization of the ACTIVE CURVE SYSTEM from Mercedes-Benz ride comfort is significantly optimized.

In curves, active influence is exerted on the anti-roll bars, which keep the torsional moment constant. The anti-roll moment is distributed variably, enabling the vehicle to adapt to every situation. The driver has the feeling of driving on rails - in particular in vehicles with a high centre of gravity.


Movement as smooth as on rails.



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On-road the ACTIVE CURVE SYSTEM makes it possible to experience movement as smooth as on rails, in particular in fast curves. The system is based on the hydraulic connection of the torsion bars on the front and rear axles. By a differential actuation of the active torsion bars, ACTIVE CURVE SYSTEM can reduce the roll angle. Distribution of the roll moment is dynamically regulated in accordance with the situation.

Driving on rugged terrain is safer than ever thanks to the ACTIVE CURVE SYSTEM. By decoupling the front and rear anti-roll bars, the vehicle can roll more freely - quite as much as the terrain makes necessary. Due to the axle twist, individual wheels can move more freely and adapt better to the conditions of the terrain.


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