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Active Blind Spot Assist

No-one can see what is happening behind their back. In vehicles, this limitation has for many years been compensated for with rear-view and side mirrors.

But there remains always one area which is not covered by looking in the mirrors: the blind spot. The Active Blind Spot Assist from Mercedes-Benz helps the driver to monitor the areas that are difficult to see. It gives a warning if danger is detected and can help to avoid accidents through selective braking.

Detects danger and
combats it by braking.



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The area covered by the assistance system extends for approx. 3.5 m to the side on both the right and left, as well as 3 m behind the rear of the vehicle.


A warning is also issued if a vehicle switches from two lanes away into the area covered by the system in the adjacent lane. Vehicles overtaking from behind also trigger the system immediately after they move into the monitoring zone, while those that have been overtaken are indicated approx. 1.5 seconds after they enter the zone. This eliminates continuous flashing when passing a line of slower-moving vehicles or emitting an audible alarm when returning to the cruising lane with the indicator on.


The Active Blind Spot Assist can be switched on and off through a menu in the instrument cluster. It works in a speed range of 30 to 200 km/h and does not react if the relative difference in speed to an overtaking vehicle is more than 16 km/h. If the driver turns the wheel sharply, brakes or accelerates, the Active Blind Spot Assist is overridden.


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