Active Body Control ABC


ABC effectively counteracts the usual roll and pitching movements of the body when pulling away, driving round bends or when braking. It also stabilises the vehicle in the event of crosswinds.

ABC is quite possibly the highest-class suspension system on the market and offers optimum driving dynamics and comfort thanks to automatic adjustment of the chassis settings depending on the respective driving situation.


ABC additionally features crosswind stabilisation which is active when driving in a straight line or in slight bends. Strong or abrupt steering corrections made by the driver will deactivate crosswind stabilisation.


Optimum handling and comfort.



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ABC features all-round self-levelling with the same functions as apply with AIRMATIC.
Four computer-controlled spring struts with plunger cylinders virtually eliminate pitching, rolling and vertical movements.

In order to assess the prevailing driving situation, a microprocessor analyses the signals from the lateral, longitudinal and vertical acceleration sensors and from the pressure sensors assigned to each spring strut. The level of the body is determined by level sensors on the control arms of the front and rear axles. Servohydraulic valves then apply the calculated control signals in the form of volumetric oil flow rates which serve to adjust the plunger cylinders.

The engine's pressure supply system provides the servohydraulic valves with hydraulic pressure of up to 200 bar. The constantly available system pressure and the employed accumulators enable Active Body Control (ABC) to respond to initial signs of body movement in a fraction of a second. The blocking valves installed in valve blocks prevent the vehicle from dropping when stationary. An effective concept for cooling and oil supply rounds off the hydraulic design of the system.


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