The 4MATIC all-wheel drive provides more dynamics, comfort and safety on normal roads and, because of its lightweight design, hardly affects the vehicle's weight.


Usually, one thinks of mountainous routes and heavy off-road vehicles when talking about all-wheel systems. But, all-wheel drive also guarantees a more dynamic, more comfortable and thus, safer ride even in passenger cars and on normal roads. As in 4MATIC, the all-wheel drive of Mercedes-Benz. It guarantees optimal traction at all times – thanks to the perfect interaction of the individual wheels.


All-wheel drive for everyday use.



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Excellent handling on any surface. Off-road or on-road, in the wet, in ice or snow, 4MATIC improves traction, driving dynamics and driving stability. An important characteristic of 4MATIC is the lack of traditional differential locks. Instead, the wheels with insufficient grip are decelerated selectively and the drive torque transferred to the wheels offering sufficient traction is increased.Thanks to these fast automatic brake impulses, the effect of three differential locks can be achieved.

The system applies the automatic brake impulses selectively improving traction on slippery surfaces when pulling away and increasing stability during critical changes of direction, by using sensor data on the wheel speeds, the steering wheel angle as well as the yaw motion and lateral vehicle acceleration. 


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