The hydraulically operated, three-part folding Vario roof turns roadsters into cars for all seasons, taking up only around a third of the available luggage compartment space when open.

The three-part folding Vario roof turns roadsters into weatherproof cars for all seasons offering the high everyday practicality and quiet running of coupés. The Vario roof essentially consists of three moving elements which are interconnected by means of a sophisticated pivoting mechanism: the dual-casing roof element made of aluminium or (optionally) glass, the two C-pillars with internal and external casing and the pivoting rear windscreen in single-pane safety glass. Eleven electrically operated hydraulic cylinders and one hydraulic pump move the folding system, opening or closing the Vario roof in just 16 seconds.

A load capacity of 235 l is available when the roof is open, as the open roof only reduces the luggage compartment capacity of 317 l by around a third. The removable luggage cover increases this capacity to 339 l.

EASY-PACK simplifies loading and unloading of the luggage compartment when the roof is open: at the push of a button, the folded Vario roof pivots upwards by around 20° to allow easy access to the luggage below.

For weatherproof roadsters.

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