SPLITVIEW enables the front passenger to watch a film while the driver keeps an eye on information from the COMAND control and display system on the same screen.

Its 8-inch screen with a diagonal of around 20 cm takes the form of a backlit colour active-matrix display (TFT-LCD). Two different images are presented on this screen simultaneously on adjacent pixels. A mask in front of the display splits this double image such that only the pixels for one or the other image are discernible, according to the respective seat positions. Driver and front passenger respectively thus see different images on one and the same screen.

Two displays on a single screen.

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The display provides the driver with all the information from the COMAND control and display system. The front passenger is able to put together his own personal programme comprising DVD videos, music videos or TV programmes.

His display is operated by means of a remote control and he is able to enjoy his selection of media using headphones, so as to avoid disturbing the driver. Telephone and navigation functions are also available to the front passenger – he can call up all the information of the COMAND control and display system on his display.


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