Speed Limit Assist

A camera on the windscreen recognises speed signs and reminds the driver of the current speed limit by a symbol on the display until speed restrictions are lifted.

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 Now in the new E-Class: The newly developed Speed Limit Assist feature from Mercedes-Benz recognises speed signs in real time in a matter of milliseconds and reminds the driver of the current speed limit.


Failure to observe an appropriate speed is the most common cause of the most severe accidents worldwide. Speed Limit Assist reminds drivers of the applicable speed limit in the interests of safer motoring. The speed limit appears on a display in the instrument cluster and remains visible until a different speed limit comes into force or all speed limits are lifted.


A camera on the windscreen monitors the area in front of the car continuously. A computer analyses the images from the camera, selecting and marking round objects only. In the next step an algorithm filters out all objects which, though round, have no similarity to traffic signs. Following a comparison with stored samples, only those objects for which the system is programmed remain: circular traffic signs showing speed limits. The symbol representing these signs is relayed to the dashboard display. The driver can subsequently see what speed zone he is currently driving in and adapt his speed accordingly.


As rectangular traffic signs are also used in Europe – such as the signs marking the borders of towns and districts - the assistance system additionally accesses the data from the navigation system's digital map to verify the plausibility of the camera image. The symbol for the most recently recognised speed limit will be removed from the display, for example, as soon as the car enters a built-up area.


Thanks to major advances in the field of image-processing computer technology, Speed Limit Assist is able to operate in real-time mode, analysing the images within a fraction of a second and displaying the necessary information to the driver immediately. The system works equally effectively, irrespective of whether the speed limit signs are positioned at the side of the road or on a sign gantry over the carriageway.


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