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PARKTRONIC including Parking Guidance

PARKTRONIC including Parking Guidance indicates parking spaces as the vehicle passes by and makes parking easier by displaying the necessary steering wheel movements for ideal parking.

Looking for and manoeuvring into a parking space can take the fun out of driving. Finding a suitable parking space is no easy matter in urban traffic. And once a space is found, parking itself can be an onerous task. PARKTRONIC including Parking Guidance takes the drudgery out of parking by helping the driver to find a parking space and duly directing him into it. This all adds up to more comfort and less stress.

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Apart from Parking Guidance, the system also continues to offer the familiar and highly popular functions of the older PARKTRONIC generations. Six ultrasonic sensors in the front bumper and four in the rear bumper monitor the surrounding area according to the echo sounding principle.

These sensors detect the distance from other vehicles or obstacles during parking. Should the distance become too small, acoustic and visual signals warn the driver by means of the loudspeakers and LEDs. PARKTRONIC including Parking Guidance makes light work of finding a parking space and helps to avoid knocks and bumps during parking manoeuvres. It remains important for the driver to exercise due care and attention, however. Obstacles which are particularly sound-absorbent (such as piled up snow) or which are located outside of the monitoring range (such as a raised flower bed or a trailer tow bar) may fail to be detected in time. For the system to function correctly, the sensors must also be free of dirt, ice and sludge.


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