Multicontour seat

Four air chambers enable multicontour seats to be adapted in an orthopaedically beneficial manner to the individual driver's anatomy.

- High standard of comfort on long journeys to reduce stress and enhance driver fitness

- Individually adaptable to the driver's anatomy

The different multicontour seats with their individual adjustment options meet the highest orthopaedic standards. The optionally available active multicontour seat with massage and dynamic function for driver and front passenger extends the multicontour seat's scope of functions, improving comfort above all on long journeys. The seat contours can be adapted to the user's individual build by means of separately adjustable air chambers. Adjustment is carried out by means of the COMAND controller, with graphic visualisation on the COMAND display. The seat menu can be selected directly from the controller by means of the corresponding function button.

The following air cushions can be set:

- Side bolsters of the seat surface

- Side bolsters of the backrest

- Backrest curvature in the lumbar region (lumbar support)

- Backrest curvature in the shoulder area

The active multicontour seat also offers automatic adaptation of lateral support according to the given style of driving. When the dynamic function is active, the air pressure in the backrest side bolsters are electropneumatically controlled according to steering angle, lateral acceleration and vehicle speed (two levels selectable via COMAND). After switching off the dynamic function, the previously set pressure is symmetrically restored in the side chambers automatically. The massage function can be set to one of four levels on the COMAND system. The massage function is not affected by the set seat contour, as it employs its own air chambers.

After activation of PRE-SAFE® (if installed), the PRE-SAFE® positioning function moves the front passenger's seat into a position affording better protection in the event of a crash (safety position).

Enhanced comfort on long journeys.

Availability of vehicles

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